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Background and why this blog

Toronto lizard

  • I am 35 year old Canadian from Toronto, and I have been living in Berlin for the past 7 years. I have an MA in international development economics, have worked in economic policy research, and spent several years at a SaaS startup in Berlin.
  • I am interested in economic and political thought, history and cultural change, cultural and ethnic groups, artificial intelligence, philosophy, societal ingration, sports and health (fasting, sports science, soccer).
  • I try to think about those issue from real-world experience, history, complexity studies, and piecing together different perspectives and schools of thought on issues.
  • I am engaging a in long-term guerilla anthropological observation of Germany from the inside.
  • Longer term project: I am thinking through a framework for considering different issues politics, social division, social and cultural trends; trying to draw on ideas from complexity and system science, information theory, history, but mainly just from thinking and doing. I would like to develop this into a roughly 200 page book.
Ergodicity economics

Formal economics without parallel universes


taking the most charitable view of those who disagree


Small Steps Toward A Much Better World

Joe Rini's blog

Writing under the influence of: economics, sociology, complexity studies, interest in the history of thought across many fields