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I am from Toronto, Canada, have been living in Germany for the past 9 years. Prior to moving to Germany, I completed a BA at the University of Toronto in Economics I originally moved to Berlin to pursue a Heterodox Economics MA. I then did an internship at UNCTAD in Geneva, before ending up in Berlin’s tech sector at a growing startup. In 2017 I was able to secure a post-doc position at the IASS Potsdam, a German government funded sustainability think tank. I worked on several EU projects at the institute: 1) DOLFINS – a 3 year project analysing the global monetary system and financial crisis using complexity science and network theory approaches, in additional to monetary theory. You can find more here, including a list of our publications. 2) RECIPES – a 3 year project studying the application of the precautionary principle in the EU, across 8 case studies. Here led a work package to develop an innovative case study methodology incorporating complexity and uncertainty principles along with traditional societal risk ideas. The case study analysis itself has actually just concluded in March 2021. My solo authored case study framework can be found here. I also have a blog where I attempt to frame socio-cultural issues in a complexity framework thinking through political, economic, cultural, philosophical issues from different viewpoints. My thinking is influenced by a critical view of economics, an interest in complexity studies, having lived in both Canada and Europe, and experience living among many cultures in super-multicultural Toronto, as well as rapidly changing Berlin. This makes amateur anthropology and continual observations on Germany and Canada a favourite past time. I also ran for the Ontario Green Party in 2011 representing York West, and am extremely interested in changing cultural-political norms associated with political parties and the public in the US, Europe and Canada.
Ergodicity economics

Formal economics without parallel universes


taking the most charitable view of those who disagree


Small Steps Toward A Much Better World

Joe Rini's blog

Writing under the influence of: economics, sociology, complexity studies, interest in the history of thought across many fields

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